Isaac came to rehearsal today straight from the airport, having flown the Red Eye back from San Fran. Alcina came early in the morning before she starts work. Sarah took off work so that she could make the last hour. Kaleb jetted back from teaching a Shakespeare workshop in Etobicoke. And I came in the

Moving in…

Today was our first day in the performance space, the Daniels Spektrum. Right off, I looked around and started cheering. I love it. Also, it was our first day with our glorious stage manager, Alyssa Matheson, aaaand our first full cast & choreo run-through. Phew!  The only thing we`re missing now … you know, besides

Fannie Sunshine.

Is that not the most wonderful name you have ever heard? She is a reporter from the York Guardian who interviewed me today. I really hope I avoided saying anything stupid. In other news, we did our first stumble through today. Somehow, I thought it would be or feel different than all the pieces split

Almost there…

We open 2 weeks from today, and … we almost have everything choreographed. Almost. It turns out, now that we`re in crunch time, that I am surrounded by super-heroes. Alcina, Kaleb, Taylor, everyone is powering through crazy amounts of content at mind-boggling speed. Basically, everyone I work with is astonishing in one way or another. Aaaand we just

Ummm, yea…

Hi, all. I have started applying comically abbreviated post-its to my script in the hopes that they will give me a boost. And somehow, that brings me to this adorable pair of videos that have only the smallest tangent to do with Six & Eight.  1) The best way ever to ask someone out … with